Do you like insects?  Well, most people don’t.  When we look at insects they all have weird bodies that look like they come out of a horror movie.  However, insects are really helpful in our environment.  When we look at insects, they typically are out consuming all of the dead material left behind in the world.  They eat dead leaves, decaying trees and even animal carcasses. 

With all of that being said, there are a few insects that just annoy humans and need to be removed.  The main one is the mosquito.  The mosquito is an insect that targets humans and when bitten sucks their blood.  This is not a desirable action so many people look for mosquito control morton to solve the issue.

mosquito control morton

The one thing that we can do is put ourselves into a situation where we are not as desirable to insects as we currently are.  What this means is that we can put ourselves behind screened in porches or some type of netting.  When the mosquitoes try to get through, they will get caught up and either fly away or die.

We want to cloak ourselves from these insects as well.  We want to wear light clothing, avoid alcohol and even light candles or small fires.  When we do this, we are putting up screens that these insects don’t like or will be repelled by.

Another thing that you can do is keep your yard clean.  When we remove areas where these insects like to live, lay eggs or feed then we are allowing them to die off.  Finally, we can use poisons and pesticides to help control the situation.  When we spray these, we are putting out specific chemicals that react badly to these insects.  In some situations, we are killing off the eggs so that they can’t reproduce and create more mosquitoes.