Dentists have started to ask for radiographs of teeth as a part of normal procedures. Dental x-rays help them determine the condition the patient’s teeth are in before the dentist can recommend a dental procedure. Some people think, however, that a dental x ray greenville can pose some threats.

Dental x-rays seem complex, but they are extremely common. The commonality of the same makes people overlook the risks involved. However, the risks aren’t too concerning, and modern technology has made the process of taking dental x-rays extremely safe.

Why are dental x-rays perceived to be ‘risky’

It is true that just like other x-rays, dental x-rays involve radiation. The process involves exposing your gums to radiation. However, It is also true that radioactive waves severely harm your body. However, today’s dental care is evolved enough to not use something which is potentially that dangerous on a routine basis.

Why dental x-rays are in reality

Dental x-rays do involve exposing parts of the human body to radiation; however, the exposure levels are too low to cause any damage to the gums or teeth. In fact, the levels are so low that they’re deemed as safe to children as for adults.

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Nowadays, dentists do not directly develop radiographs on film and that digital-rays instead. This further drastically reduces the risks involved in radiation.

Dentists also generally place a protective cloth over the patient’s chest and abdomen to protect them from radiation exposure on non-target body parts. This also reduces the risk of exposing your vital organs to radiation.

The only exception to the normalcy and safety of x-rays is a growing fetus. Radiation is not deemed to be safe for fetuses. Therefore, pregnant women should not get dental x-rays done.


It is easy to misinterpret something, however, a deeper study will suggest the absolute truth. Dental x-rays are safe even though they expose the body to radiation because of the extremely low exposure levels.