Look around at the market for new trucks, and you will find all kinds of options staring back at you, trying to give you good reasons about why it is the best option for your next truck. If there is one company that has become well-known over the years for making quality trucks for both working professionals and truck enthusiasts alike, it is Chevrolet with their Silverado line of pickups.

Two of the most popular options for Silverado trucks on the market these days are Chevy’s LS and LT models, both of which look sleek and tempt drivers with their good looks and range of benefits. Which of these solid Chevy options is the right truck for you, though? Learn about the differences between these vehicles so you can see which one might be right for you get in the driver’s seat of.

Chevrolet Silverado LS

The LS in this model of the Silverado means something very simple: Luxury Sport. This model of the Silverado truck includes all of the features you would expect to come standard in a Silverado pickup, including a 5.3L v8 engine, and automatic transmission, airbags for safety, a CD player, and seating for up to nine passengers.

Chevy Silverado LS vs LT

The LS comes up short in one place when it comes to a showdown with the LT – it is available with only one kind of engine. You can consider the LS as the effective “base model” when it comes to the amount of choice and customization you can come up with the truck you are looking for.

Chevrolet Silverado LT

The Silverado LT is also known by its longer moniker, the Luxury Touring edition. When it comes to this model of the Silverado, there are a few reasons to consider it above an LS. While the Silverado LS can only be purchased with one type of engine equipped, the LT gives buyers a choice in three different engines.

The LT also gives the driver a little more luxury when it comes to actually sitting in the driver’s seat – in the LT, the driver can enjoy an eight-way power driver’s seat, while the LS only offers a four-way power seat.

Which Truck is Right For You?

The main thing you should think about when making a Chevy Silverado LS vs LT comparison is to think about what you really need in the truck. The LT will give you more choice, while the LS will also give you plenty of comfort and luxury for a little less money, while sacrificing some of the choice you might have had. Either way, you will be ending up with a quality truck that is sure to last you for years to come if you take good care of it.